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Softchains builds Bitcoin and blockchain tools in .NET

Blockcore platform

Blockcore is a platform that enables you to build your own blockchains and decentralized applications using Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Blockcore maintains an implementation of Bitcoin in .NET.

Softchains sponsors the developers and maintainers behind Blockcore.

Below are some notable projects built by Blockcore.

Fullnode - Blockcore

Blockcore maintains a Bitcoin fullnode in C# .NET language, but is also a multi-chain node, it enables building new blockchain networks in PoW and PoS.

Source: blockcore


CoinVault is a Stratis and Cirrus Non-Custodial HD wallet in your browser for Coins, Tokens, Identities, NFTs and more...

Source: coinvault-extension

Lightning technology- Lyn

Lightnig is a scaling solution for the Bitcoin blockchain but can also be used to scale other blockchains. Lyn is an C# .NET implementaiton of the lightning protocol.

Source: lyn

Blockcore Explorer

The Blockcore Explorer is a cross-chain block explorer that can also run in a multi-chain mode. Individual chains that builds on Blockcore, can run this explorer for their own chain, without the multi-chain capability.

Source: blockcore-explorer

Decentralized Identifiers - Vault

Verifiable Data Registry (VDR) for Decentralized Identifiers (DID) and Verifiable Credentials (VC). Blockcore Vault is a work-in-progress and is focused on delivering implementation of open standard specifications developed by the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF).

Source: blockcore-vault

Our Team

We all have a great passion for blockchains and is proud to deliver you the open source projects mentioned above.

Dan Gershony

Business Manager & Lead Developer Backend

Dan is an ex-CTO of Stratis Group Ltd and brings almost 20 years of software development experience to the team, he had a main role in building the Stratis blockchain stack. He has many years of experience with blockchain development and is currently one of the active contributors to Blockcore (an open source blockchain platform based on Stratis tech) and Lyn (a lightning implementation in C#).


Sondre Bjellås

Lead Developer Frontend

Sondre has 23 years of experience with software development and many years experience with blockchain development and has made contributions to the Stratis codebase. Sondre has successfully launched the blockchain City Chain and is currently working as an architect and developer for the open source group behind Blockcore.

Sondre is a very active contributor on many open source projects related to decentralized technology and blockchain. He is currently working decentralized identities (DID) and verifiable credentials platform for NFT based marketplaces and personal data vaults.


Adam Elgressy

Product Manager

Adam almost 20 years of experience and brings vast knowledge in Product Management, defining roadmaps, prioritizing and planning, managing product lifecycle & release, crafting UI/ UX requirements.

In addition, Adam has many years of experience as a software engineer and team leadership using industry-proven methodologies such as Agile and Scrum, working in Start-Up environments.


David Gershony


David brings 11 years of experience to the team and is an expert in Problem Solving & Complex algorithms when it comes to code. With years of experience in software Development & Teach Lead in the world of banking, payments and billings domains.


Kyllian Le Borgne Roperch

Developer & Smart Contracts

Kyllian has 6 years of experience in development and around cryptocurrencies. He is currently working at Decentraland as a DevOps and engineering productivity.


Emil Melar


He has over 20 years of professional software experience and has specialized in embedded systems and mission critical real-time systems and low level IO. Emil also has extensive experience with enterprise systems, protocols, databases and distributed systems.

He is currently working on a complete end-to-end hardware/software design project for a customer. favorite languages are C# and C++.


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